Corvette Battery Drain Issues

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2 min readMay 11, 2020

I have always loved the Corvette. Even as a child I loved the Corvette, of course my Barbie doll had to have one! My dad said Corvette was probably my first word. Unfortunately some C6 Corvettes have battery drain issues and mine was one of them.

I finally got my dream car in July 2013. It was a 2006 base model with heads up display. What a fun little car, with plenty of horsepower and sexy to boot!

I don’t consider myself a convertible person. My hair is way too fuzzy for that, but I love a sunroof. This Corvette had the Targa top, it was not the carbon fiber top, so it was too heavy for me to take out by myself.

I mostly drove my Corvette on weekends and not being driven daily, the battery would drain down. Just imagine a beautiful sunny day, you want to take the Targa top out and enjoy the sunshine. Nope the battery is dead again! You can’t even open the doors, because they are electronic. You have to use the key to open the back to pull the door release cable, but now you can’t shut the door, because the car has no power to index the window. It is enough to sour your whole day! I think the battery was only a couple of years old when this started to happen.

This was the not so fun part of my Corvette. I have been leery of another C6 Corvette, because it seems to be a common problem. I know they don’t all have this problem, but a lot do. Just check the Corvette forums.

You can put a battery tender on it or do other things to fix it. I like my car to start up and go when I am ready, even if it hasn’t been started in a week. I ended up selling my Corvette in July 2016.

I miss having a Corvette! I don’t miss the battery drain issues. I thought maybe I would get a used C7 Corvette. Just when they are getting to a reasonable price, Chevy builds the C8 Corvette! Not sure how I like the C8, I haven’t seen one in person. Maybe I can check out the new C8 up close, once the world gets back to a new normal.

Do you have a Corvette with battery drain issues?

What do you think of the new C8? Have you seen one in person?

Originally published at on May 11, 2020.