Does Waist Training Work?

We Tried it at Home
3 min readMay 12, 2020

I noticed that my waistline was nonexistent. It seems like most jeans don’t really have a fitted waistline or they are low riders, which has allowed my waist to get bigger. I purchased a neoprene adjustable waist trainer back in January. This is my experience and personal opinion of waist training.

The waist trainer fits tight, almost uncomfortably tight. I tried wearing it while I worked at my desk, but found it too annoying after only a couple of hours. The neoprene also makes you sweat to aid with weight loss, which makes it HOT and uncomfortable!

Also this waist trainer is not something you can easily hide under your clothes. It has adjustable Velcro flaps, so you can cinch it in tighter, which makes it a little bulky.

I am one of those people who drinks caffeine all day, then takes Tylenol PM, so I can sleep. That gave me the idea to try sleeping in the waist trainer. It is a little hot and tight, but once I fall asleep, I don’t notice it until morning.

After wearing the waist trainer every night for a month I lost an inch off my waist. After two months another half inch off my waist. I have lost a total of two and a half inches off my waist in four months!

I only wear the waist trainer at night. You can definitely see more waist definition now, even in jeans and a loose shirt. I have more curves on the sides. The only negatives I have noticed is my lower belly sticks out a little more, because the fat has to go somewhere and the waist trainer pushes it down.

I didn’t exercise while using the waist trainer, that probably would have given me better results and less belly fat. I did a relaxed version of Weight Watchers, not really dieting, but watching what I ate.

PROS: I definitely saw results and have a smaller waistline now, without strict dieting and exercise!!!

CONS: Tight, hot, and uncomfortable to wear all day.

According to the internet and tabloids, Kim Kardashian used waist training and got down to a 24 inch waist.

I have joined Weight Watchers and hope to keep shrinking my waist and lose some weight.

I recently bought some anti-cellulite night serum to use with the waist trainer. I only use the night serum on my belly. It heats up and feels similar to the heat sensation you experience in a tanning bed. It can get uncomfortably hot if you use too much of the night serum.

I will say use at your own risk and consult a doctor before trying a waist trainer if you have health problems. I was told not to wear corsets or tight fitting clothes by a Physical Therapist, because they are not good for digestion. See my disclaimer page for more information.

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