Joint Supplements for Dogs

We Tried it at Home
2 min readMay 20, 2020

Ollie was probably two or three years old when we found him. Not sure what Ollie had experienced, but he was timid and cowered a lot when we took him in. He has come a long way in the seven years since joining our family. He has developed joint problems over the years and finding the right joint supplements for dogs can be tricky.

We moved into a two story house about four years ago. I noticed Ollie was having a hard time going up the stairs. I picked up some Pro-Sense Hip & Joint Solutions (glucosamine tablets) for dogs at Walmart.

After taking the Pro-Sense tablets for a while, he seemed to be getting worse. I just marked it up to the fact he was getting older. On a whim I bought Milk-Bone Good Morning Healthy Joints Daily Vitamin Treats at Walmart instead of Pro-Sense.

I noticed Ollie was going up the stairs better in a short time after taking the Milk-Bone Healthy Joints. Then with the COVID-19, I had a hard time finding the Milk-Bone Healthy Joints.

I bought PL360 Advanced Hip & Joint Formula for Dogs at Target. Then about half way through the bottle, Ollie was having a hard time going up the stairs again. I hate to throw these away, so I tried giving him one PL360 tablet with one Milk-Bone. That didn’t seem to help very much.

Now back to his usual two Milk-Bone Healthy Joints Vitamin Treats and he is doing much better. He can beat me to the top of the stairs once again!

The Milk-Bone Healthy Joints work for Ollie! They are cheaper than the other supplements and Ollie says they taste better. Milk-Bone Healthy Joints are soft treats as opposed to hard chewable tablets. Let me know if you have found other joint supplements that worked for your dog.

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