Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

We Tried it at Home
4 min readOct 12, 2020

I gained 50 pounds with my one and only child! Everyone told me “don’t worry the weight will come right off”, well it didn’t!!! Please don’t ever say that to a pregnant woman. I would like to smack those people who told me that, but that is neither here nor there.

Let me go back and give you a little history. I was 29 when I became pregnant, weighing around 131 to 134 pounds on my 5 foot 2 inch frame. On the day my son was born I weighed 185 pounds! I was a little shocked, but not too worried, everyone told me the weight would come off, especially if I nursed my baby.

As I already said, the weight didn’t come right off. My son was a very lazy nurser, falling asleep very easily, not nursing like he should. He wasn’t a big eater, he still isn’t a big eater, at 18 years old.

I weighed 166 pounds, four days after giving birth. That made me feel better, off to a good start. Over the next five years my weight was up and down like a roller coaster. I have had a sit down job since my 20s, so no help there. In 2007 I hit 160 pounds! Okay time to get serious, this weight had to come off.

My sister had joined Weight Watchers and was making great progress. I asked her to get me the starter kit (books and calculator). I am not one for group activities or meetings. Don’t get me wrong I think Weight Watcher is a wonderful program. I know some people succeed better with a support group, but that wasn’t my thing. I logged my food and tried to stay within my points on my own using their Flex Plan. Unfortunately I hate exercise, so I didn’t do as much as I should have. Going for a walk is my idea of exercise.

Guess what it worked! Weight Watchers worked! In five months I had lost 20 pounds, weighing 140 pounds. The lowest my weight had been in five years. I was so excited and happy that I stopped doing Weight Watchers and eating more. I bet you guessed it…. Yep, I gained 10 pounds back and stayed around 150 pounds for several years.

I tried several diet pills and I would lose weight. I got back down to 141 pounds, but the weight came right back after I stopped the diet pills. I have high blood pressure now, so no more diet pills.

Keto was not for me, I missed carbs! I apparently didn’t understand the cheat days correctly either and cheated too much on Keto. I tried the Cinderella Solution, where you use meal combinations and exercise to lose weight. I found the meals too confusing to keep up with. I tried Kaiser Fit, where you count calories and exercise to lose weight. I really liked the Kaiser Fit exercise program a lot, but I found I was better at counting WW points than calories. I know, that sounds crazy!

I decided to try Weight Watchers again in 2018. I chose PointsPlus even though WW was doing SmartPoints. The main reason I picked PointsPlus is things are cheaper, like phone apps (non WW apps) to log points and cookbooks. I like the idea that most fruits and non-starchy vegetables are zero points. I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, hoping this would force me to eat healthier.

Weight Watchers worked again! In three months I lost 15 pounds, weighing 136 pounds. I haven’t seen the 130s for 18 years! I continued to lose weight even through Thanksgiving and Christmas by watching what I ate and keeping up with my points. I didn’t go without dessert either! Being a picky eater and liking carbs, Weight Watchers seems to work best for me.

Unfortunately I went on vacation and points went out the window. Then I discovered Dove Dark Chocolates. OMG! Dove makes the best chocolates! So now I am back up to 150 pounds. I am having a harder time with my point discipline now. I eat more and usually go over my points for the day.

I have recently joined Weight Watchers and their new program myWW. That’s right I am an official member! In all honesty I figure I will probably be more successful and keep the weight off by joining WW. I also plan to cancel my gym membership (that I never use). I am sure I will get more results for my money from WW. Their app looks more user friendly than the one I use and WW app includes 8,000+ recipes! You also get community support and 24/7 live coaching. They now have a rewards program called WellnessWins. I love reward programs!

Let me hear how Weight Watchers has worked for you. Thanks!

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