Trouble Sleeping at Night

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3 min readAug 6, 2020

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Your brain won’t shut off or you are too uncomfortable to sleep?

I have found this wonderful sleep headset! The earbuds are so small they fit inside your ear, so they don’t poke the pillow and become dislodged when you lay on your side. Coupled with a relaxing nature sounds app, I can finally get a good night’s sleep. Rain on a tarp is my favorite nature sound on the app. I think I have trained my brain, when it hears rain on a tarp it recognizes sleep time.

There are several different headsets out there, but most are uncomfortable to sleep in. I like the ones with a firm band that stay around your neck best. Unfortunately some have bright blinking lights that drive my husband crazy. You also have to keep them charged up. Nothing is more annoying than being almost asleep and hearing “please charge” or “low battery” or a loud beep in your ears. That definitely wakes you up and makes it harder to get to sleep.

Unfortunately the headsets don’t last long. Probably due to the wires getting pulled while sleeping.

A volume adjustment is needed from time to time, if I hear snoring. They are good at blocking out snoring, dogs barking, more snoring and traffic sounds.

Drinking caffeine all day, causes me to be wide awake at night, even though my body is tired. I take Tylenol PM to help me sleep, but it usually wears off four hours later, causing me to wake up.

So I have started taking Melatonin with Tylenol PM. I have to admit I was a little scared the first time I took the two together, afraid I might not wake up. The Tylenol PM relaxes me and the Melatonin keeps me asleep longer. Sometimes I am still awakened by loud snoring.

I wouldn’t think of taking prescription sleeping pills, especially after reading some of the side effects. I also know of people who have overdosed on sleeping pills, never waking again.

It can be hard to wake up or you may feel tired if you don’t get enough sleep. I usually sleep seven hours each night during the work week. Then I need my caffeine first thing in the morning to really wake up.

Give a sleep headset and a nature sound app a try before you take sleeping aids. Click the Amazon link below to check out the sleep headset I use. If you still have trouble sleeping, talk to your doctor.

I wouldn’t recommend this method if you have small children or elderly family members, who may need you in the middle of the night. You may not hear them.

I am not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV. So in all seriousness please check with your doctor before you take any supplements or medications. See my disclaimer page for more information. Also check out the side effects of these medications on

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